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Bicycle Trivia (4) -The chain drive of the bicycle and its transmission principle

      The transmission part of the bicycle is a chain mechanism, and its transmission device includes: active gear (wheel), passive gear (flywheel), chain and transmission. Gear ratio and transmission ratio is related to the efficiency of the use of the bicycle, in general, the number of teeth of the wheel gear is more than the number of teeth of the flywheel, that is to say, every time a person pedals a week, the number of passive gear turns will be more than one week.

      Gear ratio: The ratio of the number of teeth of the active wheel to the passive wheel is the gear ratio. Y represents the gear ratio, C represents the number of teeth of the active gear, n represents the number of teeth of the passive gear, the relationship between them is expressed by the formula, that is, Y = c / n For example: the wheel disc of a car is 48 teeth, the flywheel is 16 teeth, and the gear ratio can be found to be 3.

      Although it is said that increasing the gear ratio can speed up the speed of the bicycle, but also do not ignore, the chain transmission in this case is a laborious lever, the larger the gear ratio, the more laborious the pedaling, based on this comprehensive consideration, in the actual situation, regardless of the model of the bicycle side, the gear ratio is about 2-4.

      Transmission ratio: The gear ratio is multiplied by the diameter of the rear wheel, that is, the transmission ratio.

      The gear adjustment of the transmission car relies on changing the gear ratio to adjust the transmission ratio, so as to achieve the purpose of saving force or increasing speed. When turning the transmission, the pusher will act on the shifting transmission, turning the chain inward and changing the gear ratio of the front and rear gears to achieve different transmission requirements. The shifting principle of the front sprocket in front is basically the same as that of the rear wheel, but in a different direction.

      It can be seen from this that the more the number of gears in the wheel, the less the number of flywheel gears, the higher the gear, and the more you pedal a bicycle, the more laborious it will be.

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