By Frank Chen | 21 February 2022 | 0 Comments

Bicycle Trivia (2) - Small steel balls have a big role

           Bicycles are tools for people to walk, the easier and more flexible they should be ridden, so the area where the bicycle bearings rotate is generally equipped with steel balls, which is the ball bearings mentioned below. The role of steel balls is to reduce friction, protect parts, improve the efficiency of use, as we all know, at the same pressure, rolling friction is much less than sliding friction, if lubricating oil is often added to it, the oil film will make the contact surface separate, we use bicycles will also be more labor-saving.

1. Wheel front hub and rear hub.

2. Chassis of the car, which has an axle that connects two foot pedal cranks together.

3. Handlebar fork tube, used to make the handlebar able to turn.

4. Flywheel, the bearing here has a double function, in addition to reducing friction, can also help achieve a one-way function.



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