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Traditional Chinese festival - Lantern Festival

     Today is China's traditional festival - Lantern Festival, in China Lantern Festival has existed for thousands of years, is Chinese, one of the most favorite traditional festivals of Chinese sons and daughters. According to Chinese tradition, tangyuan is eaten during the Lantern Festival, of course, tangyuan also has different names, such as Lantern.

     Tangyuan and Lantern are different names for the north and south of China, because China's territory is vast and the north-south span is large, so there are great cultural differences between the north and the south.

     Chinese likes to eat tangyuan because he is not only a food that can be eaten, but also a festival that expresses the reunion of Chinese, in China, from children to the elderly, they taste several tangyuan on this day to express the joyful mood of family unity.

     Hebei Hudi Bicycle Sales Co., Ltd. today organizes employees to use traditional craftsmanship to make tangyuan to better integrate employees into the atmosphere of traditional culture.

     Finally, I wish all new friends and old friends a happy Lantern Festival and a happy family!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Frank Chen





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