By Frank Chen | 17 February 2022 | 0 Comments

Bicycle Trivia (1) - Overview

     Bicycles are one of the most common means of transportation in our daily lives, I believe most people are very familiar with it, but do you know that there are many ingenious mechanical principles in bicycles, and everyone does not care in daily life, and has not seriously thought about it. Based on daily observations and data retrieval, I introduce some clever parts of the bicycle to help us understand the working principle of the bicycle more deeply.

     The bicycle is composed of 25 parts such as frame, brake, tire, pedal, chain, etc., and its basic components are indispensable. The frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, and the weight of the people and goods on the car must be borne by it. Depending on the system function, we can divide the bicycle components into a steering system, a drive system, and a braking system:

     1.Guiding system: it is composed of handlebars, forks, front axles, and front wheel components. Riders can change direction and maintain body balance by maneuvering the handlebars.

     2.Drive system: it is composed of foot pedals, central shaft, sprocket, chain, flywheel, rear axle, rear wheel and other components. The cyclist drives the bike forward by pedaling.

     3.Braking system: It is composed of brake components, and the rider can control the workshop at any time to slow down, stop and ensure the safety of the bicycle.

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